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The FW 190 A-5 Wk.Nr . (0150) 1227

Posted: Sun 14. Feb 2016, 00:23
by Huub Vink
The Focke-Wulf FW 190 A-5 with construction number (0150) 1227 was one of a series of 712 aircraft built between January 1943 and August 1943. The aircraft was manufactured in April 1943 at the Focke-Wulf factory in Mariënburg (now Malbork Poland).

The aircraft was delivered in May 1943 and went to 4./JG54 which flew from Siverskaya near Leningrad (now Petersburg. On Monday July 19th 1943, after a ground attack mission the engine failed.The pilot, Feldweber Paul Rätz performed a successful belly landing near Voibakala, where the aircraft remained until is was discovered in 1989 and recovered in 1991.

It has been restored in flying conditions and is now owned by the Flying Heritage Collection in the last scheme this aircraft had. This is how the aircraft looked factory fresh, with and without theater markings. (During the restoration, both schemes were found on the aircraft)

Soon available on Sim-Outhouse and




Re: The FW 190 A-5 Wk.Nr . (0150) 1227

Posted: Tue 16. Feb 2016, 07:05
by Beavis
Huub- :o

This one is absolutely GORGEOUS! I am just amazed. Thank you for all of your time and effort!



Re: The FW 190 A-5 Wk.Nr . (0150) 1227

Posted: Sat 20. Feb 2016, 17:39
by Huub Vink
Its brand new! ;) I'm glad you like it.


Re: The FW 190 A-5 Wk.Nr . (0150) 1227

Posted: Sun 28. Feb 2016, 07:56
by Mathias Pommerien
Very nice, Huub!

Re: The FW 190 A-5 Wk.Nr . (0150) 1227

Posted: Mon 25. Mar 2019, 10:43
by friendlyskies

Simply stunning artwork for 0151227, very well done.

We have built a model in minimal wire form of 0151227 for a client and wondered if its possible to offer your artwork as images to go with it, as we are representing her as DG+HO, which is how you have set up the CGI.
Do you have any other still images available of her?

Many thanks
Graham Day