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Texture Max Load Tool

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I'm just posting this utility for everyone to use.
It's the batch portion of the Bf108 texture resolution utility that can be run independetly from the 108 installation.
If you have other applications that require to edit the fsx.cfg, this may come in handy for you, for instance if you have the Classics Hangar Fw190 or any other high texture resolution FSX addon.

http://www.classics-hangar.de/downloads ... L_tool.zip
Classics Hangar FSX Texture Max Load Tool.

A number of third party applications for FSX such as addon aircraft or scenery enhancements come with textures in a higher resolution than the default FSX textures.
These often require that the FSX configuration file's texture_max_load entry is edited accordingly to properly display those higher resolution textures.
The issue is that this adjustment resets itself to default values whenever you do changes to the FSX graphics settings from within the game.
The Classics Hangar FSX Texture Max Load Tool provides an easy to use tool that will do this adjustment for you without hand-editing the FSX.cfg file.

Unzip ClassicsHangar_TML_Tool.zip to your desktop or any other convenient location.
You will see two files:

2048.exe and 4096.exe

Double-clicking either of the two will run a batch file that checks your FSX.cfg's texture_max_load entry.
If it's equal or higher, the tool will do nothing. If it's lower it will adjust the entry to either 2048 or 4096.
Run the tool whenever you did changes to the FSX graphics settings. Make sure that FSX is not running while using the tool.

This tool is provided as is, use entirely at your own risk. No Guarantee, no warranty, no liability.
Distributed as freeware. Re-distribtution is granted as long as it's free of any charge whatsoever.

By Classics Hangar
Mathias Pommerien (Classics Hangar)

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