News! Classics Hangar cooperates with Flugwerk.

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News! Classics Hangar cooperates with Flugwerk.

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26. March 2009
Classics Hangar Fw 190 A receives Flugwerk G.m.b.H's blessing.
Flugwerk-Manager Claus Colling is pretty thrilled by our Fw190! So thrilled that we will build the Fw190A-8/N in close cooperation with Flugwerk for Flight Simulator X!
Flugwerk is famous for it's warbird new build and restoration projects. The Fw190 is being produced there in small numbers under the designation Fw190A-8/N, powered by a Chinese ASch 82T radial engine. It's currently the only Fw190 worldwide in flying conditions!
The Simulator-Pilot will soon be able to fly the Fw190A-8/N along with it's historical late war Fw190A counterparts in the upcoming Classics Hangar release "Fw 190 A, the late Variants".

More details on the Flugwerk/Classics Hangar cooperation shortly.
Mathias Pommerien (Classics Hangar)

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