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Fw190D/Ta152 in Prepar3D v4?

Posted: Sat 15. Jul 2017, 11:44
by degeus
My old WoP FW-190's are no longer working in P3D v4 as they have bmp-textures.
Will your product work in P3D v4?
Can you also list which one of your products is also working in v4?
kind regards,
Piet de Geus

Re: Fw190D/Ta152 in Prepar3D v4?

Posted: Mon 31. Jul 2017, 16:20
by Huub Vink
Hoi Piet,

This product was not designed for, nor tested in Prepar3D. But from what I understand it seems to be possible to get it to work. As I don't have Prepar3D and do not intend to purchase it I can't really help you any further.

However I think there are people who can answer your question at the Prepar3D forum at

Met groet,

Re: Fw190D/Ta152 in Prepar3D v4?

Posted: Sat 9. Sep 2017, 04:55
by deimos256
I have the whole collection in P3D V4 and for the most part they all work EXCEPT for some of the cockpit click sounds. I assume this is caused by the XMLSound gauge. I believe .gau formats don't work in P3dV4. If we could find a solution to this one issue that collection would be flawless.