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Fw 190 A, The Early Variants 2.0

When the Fw190A had it's debut over the channel front by late summer of 1941, it came as a shock to the British RAF pilots. This fast and extremely manouverable new German fighter outclassed their Spitfire Mk V in any respect. The business-like yet powerfull lines of the Fw190 would rule the skies over Europe for the year to come, remaining competitive in it's various reincarnations for the duration of the war.

Included in this Flight Simulator X Add-on package are renditions of the four early production variants of the WW II Luftwaffe’s second major fighter aircraft, the Focke Wulf Fw 190 A-1, A-2, A-3 and A-4 and a special high altitude modification, the Fw190A-4/U7.
The package consists of 9 different model variations and 34 liveries, some of which have never been done before for a flight simulation, beautifully recreating the early operational history of this legendary German fighter aircraft.
Each variant has a unique 3d virtual cockpit with fully operable and working 3d instrumentation, re-creating German period micro mechanics in a depth never before seen in a Flight Simulation.
The flight physics for each aircraft are captured uniquely, making full use of Flight Simulator's advanced 6DoF aerodynamic equations, including accurately modelled coupled Moments of Inertia calculations, giving the virtual pilot a distinct sensation of flying in air.

This new Version 2.0 implements all the new features and improvements from our award-winning Fw190A – late variants package
. Please uninstall all previous 1.x version of the early variants before installing Version 2.0. Also take note of the updated system requirements.

New to Version 2.0 (April 2010):

  • Multilingual installation English/German.
  • Exterior model and texture improvements. New higher detail noseart textures.
  • Entirely new high resolution cockpit textures and improved interior modelling. New application to allow for even higher interior texture resolution.
  • Improved system modelling (check handbook “Specific Operation Procedures”).
  • “Just Fly” utility disables/enables custom failure modelling and advanced fuel management as per user choice.
  • Radios now functional from within the 3d-Cockpit
  • Custom cockpit sounds for all buttons and levers.
Click here for a complete list of changes.


  • 9 highly detailed FSX-native exterior and interior models,
  • 34 historical exterior liveries in 2048 pixel high resolution textures supporting bloom, specular, bump mapping and self shadowing.
  • Option to use extremely detailed 4096 pixel interior textures, configurable using an external texture manager application.
  • Unique flight physics for each sub variant, highly accurate real world physics based flight modelling provided by AvHistory, created using AvHistory.org’s USAF DATCOM based 1% Aerodynamics, Stability and Control aircraft development software.
  • Custom engine damage and aircraft system modelling.
  • Drop tank and bomb payload.
  • Highly detailed and fully functional virtual 3d cockpit
  • Detailed and accurate set of German 3d gauges.
    Working reflector gun sight.
  • Custom tailored engine and cockpit sounds.
  • Scalable realism using the “Just Fly” utility.
  • Separate performance-optimized AI aircraft.


System Requirements:
Windows XP SP 2, Windows Vista or Windows 7,
Microsoft Flight Simulator X @ Service Pack 2 or Acceleration Expansion Pack,
Dual Core Processor @ 2 GHz or better
256 MB DX9 Graphics Card, 512 MB recommended
400 MB free disc space for the executable,
1.31 GB free disc space for the installation, a fast internet connection (cable, DSL) to download the executable.



by Nick Churchill






























Download the user manual


requires Adobe Reader 6.0





What our customers say:

"....this package is bristling with quality and neat features.
And the support is top...
Frames are excellent (even to me, and I'm running it on a computer
of more than two years old!). The VC is magnificent. The repaints
are beautiful and authentic...

JorisVandenBerghe, Sim-Outhouse forums

"Simply amazing in all aspects... The incredible in-depth detail of
the Focke Wulf, down to the very last screw. The superb flight
characteristics of the plane, and the wonderful handling of this
beauty. A must buy for any aviation or World War 2 plane
enthusiast, Worth ever penny!"

Dylan Koke, FS Pilot Shop Customer Review

"If you've read much about FW190s you'll already have an
appreciation of how she should fly - fast, sensitive bordering on
twitchy, responsive (especially in roll) and raring to go and kill
something, including you if you take liberties. That's exactly how
she does fly, quite exilharating."

SpaceWeevil, Sim-Outhouse forums

"I love it. Excelent acceleration, good climb, Rolls like a devil out
of hell. Just amazing. The textures are excelent and you can see all
the bumps and dings in the skin.
During the evening or night when you turn the cockpit lights on you
can see all kind of awesome reflections in the glass. And they are
dynamic, not painted on the glass."
Jaws2002, Ubi.com forums

"Awesome. This beast needs an award or two. Kudos to all
involved"........"The sounds are especially awesome and I love the
way it flies. The art of it all needs to be seen though. It's just
d0mokun, Sim-Outhouse forums

"Amazing! Now that is a quality aircraft. The attention to detail is
unrivaled. Proper German quality."
Droptank, Simviation forums

"Really nice! Very sensitive to fly, beautiful VC, and do I spot
shadows under the gauge needles? And great framerates!"

mike_cyul, Sim-Outhouse forums

"I Think this product is as good, if not better than the RealAir
Spitfire. The sound is also awsome!"

gajit, Sim-Outhouse forums

"Certainly these must be the most detailed and accurate gauges
ever seen in FS"

SolarEagle, Sim-Outhouse forums




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