Stencil Questions

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Stencil Questions

Postby Beavis » Mon 4. Apr 2016, 08:18


I am working on a repaint for the Fw 190A (late) and I have a few questions for the community.

I'll start with this one:

Some of the FW190A paints have very sharp markings such as fuel triangles and other stencils. These markings stay sharp, no matter how closely you zoom in. Like this one:

hier.jpg (16.1 KiB) Viewed 1309 times

I am intrigued by these stencils because I could never make such small text appear so sharp with photoshop. Not even by creating vectorized text in an illustration program and importing it into photoshop.

I could be wrong, but these markings seem to come from a file called "" which I found buried in the textures for the A-5.

stencil.jpg (46.27 KiB) Viewed 1309 times

I was able to get some of these stencils to appear on my repaint by pasting this file into my repaint's texture folder.

tail.jpg (147.77 KiB) Viewed 1309 times

I assume that this file behaves like noseart... where certain areas of the file are mapped to certain parts of the plane. I have never seen a paint that utilizes all of the markings in this file, though. For instance, of all of the fuel triangles available, I have only seen "C3 100" appear on a paint. I also haven't seen the "haube (auf o zu) drucken" stencil used. On my paint, only certain stencils from the file appear on the plane.

I would like to learn more about the use of these stencils... How to utilize them... Why some appear on the plane and some don' it is determined which ones appear and where they appear on the plane... whether it is possible to create your own stencils and assign them to different parts of the plane, etc.

I am wondering if anyone could point me toward a resource that would help me with these questions. Thank you very much!


Huub Vink
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Re: Stencil Questions

Postby Huub Vink » Fri 15. Apr 2016, 17:53


Not all stencils appear as some of the are blanked out by the alpha layer from the "" texture.

When you look at the alpha layer, only the items which are white on this layer will appear. The area which is black remains invisible.

I hope this helps,

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Re: Stencil Questions

Postby Beavis » Fri 15. Apr 2016, 19:55


Thank you! That makes complete sense. I will play with that this weekend.

I appreciate your reply.


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