Bf110G Night Fighter textures

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Bf110G Night Fighter textures

Postby karaya1 » Sun 19. Oct 2014, 02:03

Hi Mathias

I have been using the ground Crew Design Bf110G night fighter in FSX as my default aircraft for some time now as i wait for your new delivery. I have modified the cockpit guages to suit and have even added modified E textures to suit. One of my problems of course is what to do about the stags head array. I've tried using the alpha channel to make them invisible but this does not seem to work. Is there any way to make the array transparent? It seems I can make other solid parts transparent inadvertently, but not these.
Bf110G2 textures.
Bf110G-exterior.jpg (120.69 KiB) Viewed 3006 times
Modified cockpit
Bf110G-cockpit.jpg (249.83 KiB) Viewed 3006 times

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Re: Bf110G Night Fighter textures

Postby david1952 » Mon 9. Oct 2017, 17:01

Hi Guys

Where can I find this plane?

Thanks, David

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