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Re: upgrade?

Postby greenie » Sat 17. Apr 2010, 22:12

Thanks guys, up and running. Downloaded at the FSpilot shop from the old d/l link . I would of thought that there would have been some mention of an update but there was nothing .
I going to see if this works - a couple of screen shots. If it doesnt ...ah well

Mathias Pommerien
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Re: upgrade?

Postby Mathias Pommerien » Sat 17. Apr 2010, 22:34

Glad to see you up an running!
Nice shots too, but do I see some blurries?
FSX.cfg set to 2048?

I dispatched an E-mail to all FSPS customers through their system on Friday morning, but it needs approval by their admin.
Chance is that it'll arrive next week, oh well.
Mathias Pommerien (Classics Hangar)

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