75th Annyversary Photos

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75th Annyversary Photos

Postby Mathias Pommerien » Sat 4. Aug 2012, 15:05

I don't know why I havn't posted this allready.
Anyway, here are some shots that I took at the 75th birthday of Messerschmitt Bf108 D-EBFW back in April this year, the machine that was model for our FSX rendition.
Only invited guests present, amongst them yours truely! :D
The other birthday child that day was D-EMOF, an Fw44 Stieglitz.
This was btw the largest display of airworthy Fw44 in the world after the war!
Enjoy the photos! :-)
The day ended in the hangar with a video demonstration of the aircraft's systems and flight behaviour using our FSX Bf108, btw!

Mathias Pommerien (Classics Hangar)

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Re: 75th Annyversary Photos

Postby p38man » Fri 10. Aug 2012, 00:43


I would have given anything to be there to see the actual Taifun I have been flying around so often (tears form in eyes).


Thanks for sharing (grabs tissue).

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