Two questions - art. horizon and tail wheel lock

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Two questions - art. horizon and tail wheel lock

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Hi all, after some time off the FW I recently found this video on youtube which had me climbing into that plane again yesterday, to hear more of of that sound... (

I had to issues in that flight, at least one of which isn't new but I kind of let it drop last time as it wasn't impacting me much - but you know how it is, there's a nag to fix things...

1. The artificial horizon doesn't work - it's as if its not spooling up, the horizon line is hanging in there slanted, like when the engine is off. I have definitely turned all the electric switches on that relate to the instrument, and it's definitely uncaged. This happens with the engine on cruise or climb power (don't know right now whether the instrument is electric of vacuum driven). Any ideas what the issue might be?

2. Tailwheel lock didn't unlock as its supposed to: starting the flight (taxiing to the runway, lining up etc) everything worked as it should, push stick forward to unlock, like a charm. But after the flight, after touchdown, the wheel didn't unlock as much as I pushed that stick. I couldn't get that plane to turn off the runway, had to force it with brakes and almost full power at the end, which resulted in a horrible, repeated-stuck crashing sound from somewhere (no idea where that came from, but not much of a deal if the damn tail wheel would've unlocked, I guess). Again, any pointers?

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Re: Two questions - art. horizon and tail wheel lock

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The artificial horizon is a delicate instrument and can easily be damaged. I normally cage the instrument until I'm comfortably flying.

I don't have an issue with the tail wheel so I can't hep you with that.

Isn't the "horrible sound" caused by dry running fuel pumps? Make sure you switch on the correct fuel pumps before take off.

I hope this helps a bit,

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