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Fw190A FAQ

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Question: Why does my canopy not open? I see the hand wheel moving but not the canopy.

Answer: Skinned Mesh animations are disabled in your FSX configuration.

Solution: Open the FSX.cfg with a text editor, locate the line "SKINNED_ANIMATIONS=0"
and change to "SKINNED_ANIMATIONS=1". Save and exit.
FSX.cfg path for XP users is usually:
C:\Documents and Settings\Username\Application Data\Microsoft\FSX\fsx.CFG
for Vista users:

Question: How do I unlock the tailwheel?

Answer: Like on the real plane, push the rudderstick forward.

Question: My external textures are blurry. How can I solve this?

Answer: Follow the handbook guide on how to enable high resolution 2048 textures.
Please note that FSX reverts to default 1024 settings whenever you change display settings from within the game.
We recommend you save your settings to a profile, edit the profile to apply the high resolution texture tweak and load this one whenever needed.
A nice writeup on how to work with profiles can be found here:
http://www.screenshotartist.co.uk/fsx_s ... config.htm
If that doesn't cure the blurries for you apply Service Pack 1a. Service Pack 1a is available from the "check for updates" link in your start menu\Classics Hangar folder.
Technically speaking, Service Pack 1a replaces the existing exterior textures with new ones that are saved without mipmaps, forcing FSX to always display the high resolution texture.

Question: WOW, the flight dynamics are really exhilarating! Now is there something I can do to tame the beast when I just want to do some good ole sightseeing?

In the FSX realism settings reduce P-Factor, Torque and Gyro effects. Turning these off you'll still be using the full DATCOM flight model without the drama added by them.

Question: Most of the cockpit instruments don't display correctly as they show some milky, reflective texture.

Flight Simulator X Service Pack 2 is not installed on your computer.
The Fw190 makes use of some new lightmap routines that have been introduced with Service Pack 2.
Solution: Install Service Pack 1 and 2 in order, available as a free download from http://www.fsinsider.com/Pages/default.aspx
Mathias Pommerien (Classics Hangar)

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