Engine quits

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Engine quits

Postby vgbaron » Tue 19. May 2009, 00:45

Having a problem keeping the engine running after takeoff. Following the checklist for CTRL-E start and Manual start. Fuel tanks are full, ALL tanks are selected pumps are running. Engine starts with no problem - after warmup taxi out and take off.

After a minute or so, the engine will start to sputter and then die. I can restart but it will very quickly do the same thing.

I'm using a CH yoke and have the throttle/prop & mixture mapped to the axis controls. I start with prop full and mixture full. After start, I leave the mixture aloone but bring the rpm down to 2500 with the prop control.

I get no warning lights. Temp is around 60C.

Out of about 6 flights, I've had just one that the engine kept running and I didn't do anything differently that I recall.

Any thoughts?



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Re: Engine quits

Postby Mathias Pommerien » Tue 19. May 2009, 06:52

Hi Vic,

engine overboosted!
The handbook gives some pointers that the A-1 and A-2 variants just bring you up the runway at full throttle,
the kneeboard lists the engine limits.
Basically the A-1 with the BMW801C just allows for 1 minute at full throttle, the A-2 for 2 mintues,
the A3 and A-4 can take the full three minutes rating while the A-3 does not deliver the full power of 1.42ata.
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Re: Engine quits

Postby vgbaron » Tue 19. May 2009, 15:33

OK, it's back to the manual for me! Figured it was something I was doing and not a problem with the model. you're going to actually force me to fly the model rtather than just start up , point and go. :)
So far, the toughest thing for me is getting used to the German wording, once I get more familiar with locations and functions ti should go smoother. The English tool tips are a big help.


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